Streaming Guide

This guide is under development. If you need help, you can message /r/WatchPeopleCode moderators or reach to /u/godlikesme on #WatchPeopleCode.

Twitch or YouTube

If you have YouTube channel or Twitch channel, you can submit a link to your stream to /r/WatchPeopleCode subreddit. It will be automatically detected and put on the website within minutes

Streaming trough WatchPeopleCode's servers

WatchPeopleCode has its own server dedicated to streaming. The lag here is much smaller than on YouTube or Twitch.

We recommend this way because when streaming with WatchPeopleCode, you also have the ability to cross-stream to Twitch and YouTube (or any other RTMP server) at once!

  1. Download OBS. OBS is a great piece of software that makes streaming easy. Using OBS you can stream on WatchPeopleCode (or YouTube, Twitch).
  2. Login with reddit and click on "My Dashboard".
  3. In your dashboard, click "Show private info".
  4. Add WPC RTMP URL and WPC RTMP key to OBS (example).
  5. You can now stream on WPC just fine! If you want to further reduce lag, you can use these settings.
  6. Submit your link to /r/WatchPeopleCode.

What can I stream here?

Pretty much anything related to programming! The most common stream format is just live programming (hence the name WatchPeopleCode).