GLM Programming Talk Show


[META] "How to learn programming?"

Every episode I ask the same question: "What advice would you give to people who are just starting to learn programming?". What really surprised me is that people give very different advice! I took recordings, did some editing and combined 4 responses into single video


Episode 5. Geoff Greer. The silver searcher, Floobits.

We talked about ag, Floobits, opensource and programming in general.
Geoff's website:
Geoff's github: ggreer
Geoff's twitter: @ggreer
Floobits: Cross-editor real-time collaboration


Episode 4. /u/mncke , the author of Squire and Necromancer for /r/thebutton

We talked about /r/thebutton , its technical aspects, culture
mncke's github: Abrackadabra


Episode 3. Justin M. Keyes, neovim contributor

We talked about neovim, vim plugins, opensource and programming in general.
Justin's twitter: @justinmk
Justins's github: justinmk


Episode 2. Josh Matthews, Mozilla Engineer working on Servo

We talked about Servo, Rust, Mozilla, opensource and programming in general.
Josh's website:
Josh's twitter: @lastontheboat
Josh's github: jdm


Episode 1. Mike Conley, Mozilla Engineer working on Firefox

We talked about Firefox, Mozilla, opensource and programming in general.
Mike's twitter: @mike_conley
Mike's youtube channel: mikeconleytoronto