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This is the page for the event in /r/WatchPeopleCode , an online conference. The event was on 15th of March. Back to the main page






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Starting time Streamer's username Title and description
12:20 UTC beohoff "Desktop applications workflow with Qt"
Planning on going over some simple desktop architecture things, enough to get someone who is interested in doing GUI programming "over the hump" or the barrier to entry that makes it seem intimidating. We'll look in detail into doing a table view and a tree view, layouts, signals and slots, QDialogs, and wrap up with a "Where to go from here"
17:00 UTC clashesyemilk "Concurrency on iOS"
I'm going to talk about multithreading/parallelism/Concurrency on iOS using Grand Central Dispatch and NSOperationQueue
18:00 UTC godlikesme "Building a Search Engine"
I built a simple but functional search engine for just one subreddit, /r/learnprogramming . I plan this to be an ELI5 introduction into search engines
19:00 UTC thomasballinger "Terminal Whispering" - how to do more with the terminal than print text
The terminal emulators you (may) use daily can do more than display text, if you know how to talk to them. I'll cover how terminals work and show how to use terminal colors and styles, write to arbitrary portions of the screen, handle signals from the terminal, determine the size of the terminal. Examples will be in Python, but the techniques should be useful whenever you're in a terminal environment.
21:00 UTC noobs2ninjas Frontend design
When the primary focus of a programmers day being about writing clean, robust code, it is often easy to forget the most important part of anything we build. Without the user even the most complicated, well-written code will never see the light of day. So, what is front-end design anyway? Where do design trends come from? How could a programmer possibly focus on the program itself yet still help design a great front end? All these questions answered and more in this talk! Tune in and find out!
22:30 UTC Jebes "plan9's file system API and how it relates to a REST API" - how to do more with the terminal than print text
File systems as API's and how you can implement them in your next web/desktop project.